Programs & Projects

Aside from fundraising and community projects, the internal team ensured there were trainings for self-growth and fun activities for the members. Adjusting to the new normal, we managed to hold 10 General Membership Meetings (GMM), facilitated more than 30 trainings and even boosted growth in membership. Some of the remarkable trainings and motivational talks were:

Partnership with A Woman’s Forum

Who Defines Me?

This is in partnership with A Woman’s Forum which aim is to instruct and guide women in integrity of their calling and enable them to live

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Partnership with Startup Village

Speak Easy, Win Easy

It is a public speaking workshop to learn impromptu speaking and proper delivery of speech by Ms. Cara Gimenez from Toastmasters International. The same event also gave

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Clean Green

Part 1: Edible Gardening 101 (Debunking the Green Thumb).  Part 2: Concoctions and Compost (Don’t Buy, Do it Yourself). Part 3: Plant Based Living (Live off

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Other JCI Projects