President's Message

Indeed it is a humbling experience to be elected as the 41st President of JCI, but as it should be known, a leader is nothing without their supporters, a head without a body cannot stand after all. I have truly been blessed with an excellent team of Board of Directors and members and together I am confident that we will be able to rise up and thrive in spite of any and all adversities especially those caused by the recent pandemic.

Under my term I will see various projects through. Membership, fundraising and service are important ongoing ventures that will continue.

The theme this year is Manileña RISE and I hope to have the opportunity to work with everyone on our various projects. I see the chapter continuing our good works, with so many active members, I believe that I am fortunate to lead the chapter everyday and continue our efforts.

May this year bring more excitement and blessings to our organization.

Mabuhay ang JCI Manilena!